Prebiotic Fiber

Fueling a healthier gut

Everyone has heard about Probiotics, let's talk about their best friend Prebiotics.

Prebiotic fiber sources include: green bananas, legumes like beans and peas, green leafy vegetables, oats, berries, jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions, and asparagus.

What is Prebiotic Fiber

Everyone has heard that fiber is good for you, but before you polish off another bowl of oat bran, let’s dive into the role it plays in a healthy gut.

Prebiotic fiber is made up of various types of carbohydrates that your body is unable to digest. These substances make it to your large intestine intact and feed the bacteria living there, which our bodies depend upon. At Nutreat, we use green bananas and inulin derived from blue agave, as sources of prebiotic fiber.

While Nutreat gives you a little extra prebiotic fiber, we believe the best way to make sure you are getting what your body needs is to eat a varied diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

Why Does Prebiotic Fiber Matter?

In your large intestine, there are up to 500 different species of bacteria, along with viruses and fungi. All of these organisms make up what is called a microbiome, which is essentially a tiny ecosystem inside of us. This microbiome has powerful effects on our health, including nutrient uptake, metabolism, immunity, and mood. A simple way of thinking about the gut is as a battleground between “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria.” When the beneficial bacteria are dominant, it helps us thrive. When our system becomes unbalanced, problems arise.  

One way to help the friendly bacteria is to ensure they are getting the food they need to outcompete bad bacteria. This is where prebiotic fiber comes into play. The friendly bacteria in your gut are dependent on prebiotic fiber. By fermenting the fiber, the friendly bacteria also produce beneficial byproducts such as short-chain fatty acids, which may help with digestive problems and even protect against colon cancer.

Prebiotic & Probiotic

As you shop the grocery aisles you will see the term “probiotic” on many products. It is a hot topic these days and probiotics have been added to nearly everything. Many people also take probiotic supplements. Probiotics are actually live bacteria intended to populate your gut as they travel through the digestive system.

At Nutreat, we like to think of prebiotics and probiotics through a gardening analogy. We all know that a healthy garden starts with healthy soil. If the soil is not healthy, you can add as many seeds as you want, but they won’t thrive. Think of prebiotics as the “soil” of our gut and probiotics as the seeds. Like soil, prebiotics provide the fuel and nutrients that probiotics need to prosper. So, if you aren’t eating a rich, varied diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, you might not be getting the results you’re hoping for with probiotics.  

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