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Simple, Whole Food, Organic Ingredients

Our products all contain less than 10 simple superfood ingredients!

Most diabetes-friendly snacks are made by pharmaceutical companies. Their ingredient lists are long and contain items such as sodium stearoyl lactylate. We're not entirely sure what that is, but it probably wasn't made by nature.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts


✅ Organic coconut cream

✅ Organic green banana

✅ Organic cocoa liquor

✅ Organic inulin

✅ Organic erythritol

✅ Natural vanilla flavoring

✅ Sea Salt

✅ Organic monk fruit


✅ Organic coconut cream

✅ Organic shredded coconut

✅ Organic green banana

✅ Organic inulin

✅ Organic erythritol

✅ Natural vanilla flavoring

✅ Organic monk fruit


✅ Organic coconut cream

✅ Organic green banana

✅ Organic blueberry

✅ Organic inulin

✅ Organic erythritol

✅ Organic maquiberry

✅ Organic raspberry

✅ Organic flaxseed

✅ Organic monk fruit

Keeping You (and Your Gut) Satisfied

The modern diet starves us of fiber!

Our products are loaded with prebiotic and dietary fiber to help you feel full for longer and fuel your gut microbiome so that healthy bacteria can thrive. The evidence is clear that our ancestors ate a lot more dietary fiber. Lack of fiber is one of the key problems with the modern diet.

Chocolate: 5g Dietary and Prebiotic Fiber

Coconut: 8g Dietary and Prebiotic Fiber

Berries: 7g Dietary and Prebiotic Fiber

The deliciously sweet treat that satisfies your cravings. Each spoonful is packed with all natural ingredients that also improve your gut health. Proven to keep your blood sugar in check, Nutreat is healthy AND delicious!

See What Our Fans Are Saying

"Wow! Finally, a treat I can have every night that tastes incredible, is packed with good stuff, and is also guilt-free!"

"This is the most satisfying dessert I've ever had. It tastes amazing and is so filling. Stop what you are doing and try it now!"

"I can't live without this stuff. It's my go-to afternoon snack and I have the rest for dessert if I don't eat it all at once!"

Cátia and Rodolfo's Story

The Beginning

After decades working in the food, beverage and healthcare industries, we learned that food must - and can - be better. Food shouldn't be harmful to humans, nor become the source of chronic diseases.

Although this may sound obvious, the food industry has gone down a slippery path that led to where we are today. Our population health is at risk, with obesity reaching almost 40% of adults and 1 in 3 Americans having either diabetes or pre-diabetes. So, we set out to do something about it.

Research and Discovery

Cátia developed a few prototypes with amazing superfood ingredients she had researched. After exhaustive (but delicious) product development at home, we decided to take a risk and send samples to Cornell University's Department of Food Science. Their response was enthusiastic and they encouraged us to work with them to bring Nutreat to life.

Cornell helped Cátia move from prototype to production, creating a process that ensures product integrity while retaining all the qualities of our wholesome ingredients. We offer these products, and the science behind them, to nourish, educate, motivate and inspire people like you towards a healthier life. Making good eating choices should be simple and not involve sacrificing taste or convenience.

Cátia + Rodolfo Coelho

Ready to Simplify Eating Healthy?


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1x Chocolate

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