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Dietary Fiber and Diabetes

By Renu Mansukhani, MD

In my work with people living with diabetes (and my patients in general), I have found many of us feel guilty about not eating more vegetables. We all know how hard our parents tried to get us to eat more veggies as kids. And yet we still struggle. But where did this old adage come from? Why were they on us about it?


Glycemic Index

At Nutreat, the development of our products is rooted in science-backed metrics and data. After years of research we believe that some of the most important metrics are glycemic index and glycemic load. You won’t typically find them listed on the nutrition panel or anywhere on the label, but we're working to change that.


Why Does Prebiotic Fiber Matter?

In your large intestine, there are up to 500 different species of bacteria, along with viruses and fungi. All of these organisms make up what is called a microbiome, which is essentially a tiny ecosystem inside of us. This microbiome has powerful effects on our health, including nutrient uptake, metabolism, immunity, and mood. A simple way of thinking about the gut is as a battleground between “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria.” When the beneficial bacteria are dominant, it helps us thrive. When our system becomes unbalanced, problems arise.  

Ready to Simplify Eating Healthier

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The Beginning

Eating healthy shouldn’t be so hard. We all want to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families, but navigating the confusing landscape of food choices is often overwhelming. Food writer Michael Pollan said it best with his simple mantra, “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”

After decades working in the food, beverage and healthcare industries, we learned that food must - and can - be better. Food shouldn't be harmful to humans, nor become the source of chronic diseases. Although this may sound obvious, the food industry has gone down a slippery path that led to where we are today. Our population health is at risk, with obesity reaching almost 40% of adults and 1 in 3 Americans having either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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